How is my order processed?

ellesse works quickly and efficiently to get your order to you.

If all required fields are filled out correctly, your order will be sent straight to processing. Please be sure to double check that all order information is correct before submitting:

-email address
-shipping address
-size, style, and quantity of items being purchased

If we have questions about your billing or shipping information, we'll email you within 24 business hours and work with you to resolve any issues so your order can ship ASAP. We won't charge a credit card when billing information doesn't match with what your card company/bank has on file.

Your credit card will be charged upon placing your order. Should an item be out of stock, we'll let you know as soon as possible and process a refund for that item.

Within 24 hours of your order being shipped, you'll receive an email with information regarding the tracking of your order.

Please note: we won't process international credit cards even if you're shipping within the United States.

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